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Hybrid Cloud Data Platform: Merging On-premises and Cloud Analytics.

Secure Skies Ahead: Pioneering the New Era of Hybrid Cloud Data Platforms.


The enterprise grappled with optimally utilising their existing on-prem Data Lake. The main challenges were stability of the platform and integrating robust security and data governance tools. Concurrently, there was an intent to harness the advantages of the public cloud securely and efficiently.


The initial phase was concentrated on securing the vulnerabilities of the current Cloudera solution. Critical tools related to Data Governance and Security were recalibrated and reconfigured. While some tools were pre-existing, their misconfiguration led to underperformance or non-compliance with standards. Essential tools such as Cloudera Navigator and Kerberos were refocused on, along with a comprehensive encryption strategy spanning across the various data processing components. Subsequently, the focus shifted to hybrid cloud implementation, leveraging both AWS and on-premises capabilities. This transition necessitated a thorough evaluation of data semantics, securing necessary approvals, and ensuring robust data security measures during transfer and storage.

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A leading data and analytics division of a major telecommunications firm in Europe.


Advanced Data Analytics stands as a cornerstone for large telecom entities. However, its effectiveness is contingent not just on possessing data, tools, and skilled personnel, but on ensuring that these tools and processes adhere to stringent security and data governance benchmarks. Such standards fortify the organisation’s credibility, appeasing both clients and investors, while also mitigating potential regulatory penalties.
Navigating the realms of hybrid Cloud architecture amplifies the importance of data governance and security. Determining which datasets are processed within the public cloud versus those retained in-house becomes crucial to prevent any data breaches or mishandlings.


The project’s genesis revolved around ameliorating the inherent vulnerabilities within the Cloudera platform. With the foundational security measures in place, the transition towards a hybrid cloud solution ensued. The AWS platform, renowned for its scalability and suite of advanced tools, was integrated, yet a fraction of critical datasets was deliberately retained in-house.


Post-implementation, Data Scientists were ushered into an environment that was both scalable and secure. Freed from the shackles of prior technical glitches, they could channel their expertise into leveraging more contemporary tools. They were also assured of consistent processing resources for their daily activities. This efficiency prompted the enterprise to integrate more Data Scientists and analysts into the platform, empowering them to distill genuine value from the vast swathes of data.

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