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For you we redefine premium

The ease of mind

we always deliver and are always there to help, we guarantee a working solution with the promised effectiveness

We install trustworthiness in our relationships

expert packed team, we explain our choices, are easy to approach and keep you in the loop, CRM where you are always welcome to reach out

Pure convenience

we get you exactly what, when and how you need it

And the promise of best solutions

our expert team can always select the best as nothing gets past them

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We work with

We offer you a unique blend of

a tailored approach, trustworthy experts, agility, approachableness, customer care & guarantee on delivery, innovation,

Tailored to you approach

we meet you where, when and in a way you prefer. We can bring ideas or help develops yours. From the start, mid project and across portfolio. What you need we deliver.

Trustworthy experts

our team was built with expertise in mind. And our experts are the only ones involved in the projects, you can even select the profiles you prefer.


we react fast, are able to switch the approach on the go and adjust the workload to your needs and match your preferred technologies.


we are happy to explain the solutions we propose and involve you in the process. Your team will be 100% onboarded and we are happy to stay in touch past delivery to answer any questions.

Customer care & guarantee on delivery

what we promise, we deliver. We stick to time frames and budgets and we offer post delivery care. We are also happy for you to reach out and chat.


we not only deliver the promised effect, but our approach to solutions is innovative – we focus on clever ideas that deliver the best and fastest solution, not the run of the mill popular ones.

our mission

To consistently deliver at the highest standard of excellence through the pursuit of expertise and unparalleled service level of delving into our client’s needs to create value by giving them tools, solutions and techniques they need to unlock the power of information and bring long-lasting business performance improvements.

Our values

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we uniquely combine expertise with flexibility to bring you the highest possible level of service tailored to your needs.



we bring true convenience with our flexibility and agility that tailors the service delivery to your preferences.



we are a team of experts, who keep evolving and support each other to bring you best solutions based on joint wisdom.



we we ensure your ease of mind by always delivering what we promise and guaranteeing a working solution that’s implemented according to the terms we have agreed on.



we we ensure your ease of mind by always delivering what we promise and guaranteeing a working solution that’s implemented according to the terms we have agreed on.

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Work with top experts

Examples of profiles of our core team

Senior Data engineer
Admin & senior devops engineer
Ml engineer

Senior Data engineer

7 years of experience

Specialises in data engineering and unique applications of ready solutions. Not only a data native, but also perfectly familiar with all that the field has to offer.


MA Computer science, Data Engineering, Big Data, and Machine Learning, Telecommunications with focus on analytics platforms

Technology stack

Python, Bash, Hadoop 2.X, pySpark, Airflow, AWS (e.g. Kinesis, ECS, ECR, Glue, S3), GCP (Dataproc, Cloud Composer, BigQuery, GCS), Kafka, Tableau, PyCharm, MS Office, SQL, NoSQL, HiveQL, Linux

Admin & senior devops engineer

22 years of experience

Expertise spans industries such as telecom, banking and cluster cloud solutions. He keeps substantiating his knowledge with new certifications, most recently by Hewlett Packard; so that he can keep exceeding the expectations even of the most demanding clients.


MA Engineer of management and informatics in automatic systems.

Technology stack

NiFi, Hive SQL\HQL, Cloudera-CDH\Kafka\Kafka-Sentry, CDP, MapR, Hortonworks, Linux OS, MS Windows OS, MS SQL, Oracle HFM, Essbase

Ml engineer

12 years of experience

The combination of projects for multinational as well as brand new start-up companies enabled the ML engineer to truly experience and understand these environments as well as potential solutions and the software-data industry.


MA informatics

Technology stack

Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Pandas, AWS, SageMaker, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Athena, EC2, CodePipeline, StepFunctions, Fargate, Kinesis, S3, Glue, Java, Scala, Spark, C++, Groovy, PyTorch, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, Workfusion, Typescript, Hadoop, Bash

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We are all for one, so even if you’ve got one of us working with you, the entire teams’ expertise of over 170 years is used to solve your business challenge.


It’s the expert touch that drives what we do

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senior data engineer

The 15-years-long commitment to the specialisation in data engineering and development places Kamil among the most sought after experts. His ability to manage long and complex projects as well as to come mid-delivery to fix issues others encountered or simply land an extra pair of hands is exceptional in its swiftness.

his works:
see our arcticles.
senior software engineer

16 years of very focused experience in software development and engineering formed an array of know-how syndicating across domains, technological stacks and programming languages. From tech focused companies, to luxury magnates, Maryna has enriched various organization types across industries and sectors with her expert touch.

her works: see our arcticles.
Senior data engineer / CEO

The go to Senior data engineer skilfully monetising big data for clients since the 07’s. Marcin champions the idea that expertise should be shared and you can hear him during various global events. The CEO leading a team of seasoned big data experts specialises in everything data: Data Engineering, ML, ML-ops, Cloud.

his works: see our arcticles.

asked questions


I’m not sure how to start, what do I do?

The best way is to get in touch and then we’ll discuss your business challenge together. Please head to our contact page.


What is the difference between consulting and body leasing or team extention?

Consulting requires hiring us for a project or an audit. We can come mid-project, but we have a set of goals to achieve within its scope, which we agree on upfront. Both body leasing and team extensions are options for geting one or more of our experts to join your team for a time period selected by you. It means that you don’t need to have a specific project and they can come at any stage and will report to you or one of your managers.


I am not sure which of the services work best for me, what do I do?

You can check our descriptions and case studies to make them more clear. However, we understand that a lot of these are connected with each other and the field is changing rapidly fast. Therefore, we are happy to advise you on the best fit for your business challenge. So in that case please head to our contact page and get in touch. We can also schedule an audit. This will give you a clear view of your company and the areas that require an update.


How do I know how much a project is going to cost?

For us to asses the price, we need to know a bit about your situation. So please send us a request for proposal via the contact form. Describe what you are looking for in the message copy and we will get back to you. In most cases we can give you an estimate if you provide some detail. It is also possible that we will ask follow up questions either via email or during a phone call.


I need quick help, how fast can you start?

Urgent cases are something we tend to specially. Please contact us as soon as possible and let us know about the urgency in your initial message or call. We will make sure to respond with an expert prepared to start within 24 hours.


Extra hands are needed on a project delivered for a client of ours. Can we hire you for that?

Yes, for that purpose use either body leasing or team extension.


How do I contact you?

Please use the contact page for that. There are several options there for you to choose from. If you have a specific project in mind, then you can also describe it and request a proposal. Simply use the contact form and provide the details in the message. Make sure to write that you want to receive a proposal and we will get back to you with a ready one.


You would like to know about the topics of big data and bd solutions?

The differences, similarities, benefits as well as definitions are explained in the insights section. The ouTDo with big data is our initiative to make the fast changing world of big data easier to grasp. So that you are epowered and can make confident decisions that drive value. Our #ouTDowithbigdata articles are being added regularly and the number of topics increases. So if what you are looking for is missing, stay tuned. You can also write to us and we will sure to add your topic into our schedule. A good way to stay on top of our updates is following us on LinkedIn and signing up for our newsletter.

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