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Corporate Responsibility Digital Sustainability Green Technology
Big Data ouTDo 7 min read

Amplify Your Corporate Green Initiatives: Triumph in Sustainability and Reporting

Dive into how your company can elevate its environmental responsibility through digital sustainability. Discover key strategies for optimising digital efficiency, the impact of our digital world on the environment, and how adopting green digital practices can transform your business. Explore actionable insights and partner with TantusData to lead in sustainability and reporting.

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Do I Need to Audit My Big Data Solutions?


Obtaining value from GDPR with solutions that work for your bottom line.

TantusData Recognised as a Clutch Global Leader for Spring 2024

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Apache Spark data pipelines
The technicalities 5 min read

Datasets and DataFrames

Understanding Spark's .as[T] Method: Best Practices and Defensive Programming

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learning LLM SPARK
News and insights 8 min read

Unleashing Innovation: A Glimpse into Our Exciting Event Journey

Whether you’ve joined us in the past or are planning to attend our upcoming events, there’s always something exciting on the horizon. Let’s take a…

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Clutch reviews
News and insights 3 min read

TantusData Recognised as a Clutch Global Leader for Spring 2024

TantusData named a top B2B company for Qlik, Hadoop, Tableau, Big Data Compliance, Fraud, & Risk Management services.

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Big Data ouTDo min read

Navigating Big Data Solution Adoption: A Managerial Guide

A strategic Overview for Decision Makers Entering the realm of big data solutions marks a transformative step for any organisation, demanding a blend of strategic…

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data pipelines data quality monitoring
The technicalities 3 min read

Monitoring Airflow jobs with TIG 2: data quality metrics

In the first article on Monitoring Airflow jobs with TIG, “System Metrics”, we have seen an example of Airflow installation with a TIG stack set…

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Big Data Audit Data Efficiency Data Security Technology Innovation
Big Data ouTDo 13 min read

Do I Need to Audit My Big Data Solutions?

Explore the critical importance of auditing your big data solutions to ensure efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability. Learn how regular audits can uncover hidden issues, optimise operations, and maintain data integrity in our comprehensive guide.

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