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learning LLM SPARK
News and insights 8 min read

Unleashing Innovation: A Glimpse into Our Exciting Event Journey

Whether you’ve joined us in the past or are planning to attend our upcoming events, there’s always something exciting on the horizon. Let’s take a…

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Deployment Strategies for LLMs LLM LLM Benchmarks Understanding LLM Licensing LLM Performance Trade-offs Open Source LLM Deployment
The technicalities 8 min read

What you need to know before deploying Open Source LLM

Navigating the complexities of deploying open-source Large Language Models (LLMs) can be daunting. From understanding licensing restrictions and making crucial decisions about accuracy, speed, and cost trade-offs, to comprehending benchmark evaluations and exploring deployment strategies, this guide provides essential insights for leveraging open-source LLMs effectively in your projects.

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AI Implementation Business Strategy ChatGPT LLM ROI on AI
Big Data ouTDo 8 min read

LLMs can make your business soar or sink, so tread carefully.

Explore AI's impact on business; key steps for a strategic approach to LLMs, ensuring ROI & privacy.

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Chatbot Development Conversational AI Custom LLM Integration LLM Nvidia NeMo-Guardrails
The technicalities min read


Building a dedicated chatbot is both challenging and dangerous. At company X, the model should talk about X’s offer and, ideally, nothing else to save…

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ChatBot LangChain LLM RAG Self-Query
The technicalities 7 min read

What if the data is too large for the LLM context?

Navigating Large Data with LLM: Splitting, Context, and Self-Query Solutions

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ChatBot ChatGPT Embeddings LLM RAG
The technicalities 9 min read

What Data Format is suitable for LLM?

LLM's Frontier: The Data Format Issue

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