Case study

Failing silently.

Care for a case long closed.


Past client’s data pipeline started silently failing. Though an email notification was delivered, these often easily go unnoticed. Our team member was subscribed to these notifications. We notified the company and offered to help by bringing the pipelines to a 100% working state. 


We did not simply resolve the issue, since our team was already back at the company to fix the pipelines the client asked us to diminish their computation costs. We did everything as a complimentary service in terms of our guarantee. Jobs which were no longer used were turned off and the process optimised.

Technology & Tools

Databricks platform


Modern all-in-one restaurant management system provider. A nordic company helping food entrepreneurs operate and grow their businesses.


For any business it is important that all deployed solutions are working properly. Therefore TantusData ensures that our deliverables are 100% effective. We offer cooperation and support, and are ready to help our clients even after the main contract is concluded. In this case it was the maintenance issue we provided minor support to alleviate.


Based on the notification regarding the job problem we identified the issue. The client was made aware of it by our team member who offered our support. The matter was discussed and it was concluded that the failing job was related to a task that is no longer needed. Therefore, along with a selection of other jobs from the pipeline, which became obsolete, the failing one was disabled. This resulted in lowering the cloud computation cost.


The solution was once more 100% effective with no error notifications coming anymore. On top of that, the maintenance cost was diminished.


CTO at a 360 restaurant management system company in Scandinavia

“The team consisted of extremely strong engineers who are easy to communicate with.”