Case study

Fresh approach to an old problem

Monitoring the EU roaming – the application.


Client’s old solution proved impossible to maintain. It was written with a vast dependency on daily processed data. Whenever anything failed in this chain, it required hours of fixing to start running again. The rescue often did not occur on time and the effort to rerun the staff grew so fast that the solution was abandoned.


Based on a new idea the entire solution was rewritten. We have removed all redundant data dependencies. The fresh approach involved processing data concurrently. This caused data reprocessing to become fast and easy. 

Technology & Tools



One of the largest Telecom companies in Europe, headquartered in the Nordic region.


The European Union law stipulates that there has to be an agreement for free roaming in the EU between different operators. This usually comes with limits which are based on current usage and predictions. If an operator significantly exceeds such a limit, then our client can request additional fee. Or renegotiate the entire agreement. On the other hand the solution required for this information, can also be used in case an operator accuses our client for limit breach. Thus, saving a substantial amount of money.


We began with an extensive analysis of the requirements to obtain a deep understanding of the end goals these serve. These were compared with the original regulation text, to ensure that we are aligned with EU law. Based on that an idea was drafted of a proposition that most effectively met all the needs. It was later compared to the old solution to verify whether some aspects could be improved based on it, however it proved obsolete. Therefore the brainstorming on the delivery and format focused entirely on a new approach. 


Data reprocessing, which seems impossible with the old solution became quick and easy once we deployed our version.

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