Case study

Customising Databricks for Comprehensive Business Metrics and Data Integration

Integrating sales data for business analysis using Apache Spark


The client needed dashboards for business management data based on a few unconnected sales data sources. The solution had to integrate the data, filter out any noise present there and compute multiple business metrics.


TantusData delivered a Databricks-based platform to ingest data from various sources (including API-based sources like Stripe and human input in the form of Google Spreadsheets), compute necessary metrics, and showcase them in interactive visualizations. The dashboards are automatically recomputed daily to keep the business up to date with all recent events.

Technology & Tools

Apache Spark


A startup that is providing software for restaurants and restaurant chains to streamline managing them.


The platform integrated all different data sources, giving a full view of sales that did not require manual computations. The business can now make data-driven decisions instead of relying solely on intuition and partial data samples.
A common platform with all the data in a single place is also an enabler for Data Science and Machine Learning activities.


The delivery process included not only creating a framework to compute generic APIs but also working on ensuring data quality. TantusData has a flexible approach to all projects and quickly adapts to changing requirements or priorities, which are common in startup environments.


The TantusData team created a complete solution ingesting data from the raw, unprocessed sources (APIs, manual data, operational databases) up to the final visualization layer for the end users.

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