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Get more using what you’ve got with optimised solutions and add ons.

See data engineering, re-engineering mission critical systems, API development and APP modernisation.


Limiting digital debt gets results for less

Optimise app infrastructure and implementation, cloud app architecture, cloud data integration.


Predict and respond to opportunities and drive change at an unmatchable rate for humans,

only with data capture, ML and AI solutions for big data.


Solve business challenges and fuel growth

with just in time solutions, IoT, software development.


Bring value creating competitive advantage

that’s unrivalled with dedicated DevOps and Software.

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CTO at a 360 restaurant management system company in Scandinavia

“The team consisted of extremely strong engineers who are easy to communicate with.”

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Principal Engineer, Accommodation Marketplace

“We chose TantusData because of how flexible they were in the way of delivery. It was important that an expert was working with us 100% of the time.”

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Director of Data & Analytics, Retail Company

“The onboarding and collaboration was smooth since both technical and communication skills of the team were very good. We were very happy with the collaboration and can sincerely recommend them.”

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Head of Data Services, Telecommunication Company

“One of the key resources (…) is their unique skill set. Such a mix (…) is hard to find on the market. Their ability to speak in business terms and aims, despite being hands-on engineers (…) enabled a smooth workflow.”

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Our key capabilities

Data science and AI

Expand the potential of your data. Simplify decision making with faster business insights free of human error by outsourcing big data analysis to technology that delivers and analyses inputs in real time. Predictive analytics not only prepares you for challenges, but with dedicated development of analytic solutions you can increase your company’s operational efficiency. Lower costs and time. Improve your bottom line by opt for automating routine processes and tasks to enhance productivity. With services such as these the time vs scale ratio is way beyond human capabilities.


Data engineering

Optimise the assets you own for usability, refine the software development lifecycle and tune the performance. Receive properly collected, cleaned and structured data. Excel with your data. We will provide visualisations and real time streaming whilst ensuring the safety. Go a step further with data implementation services which we build to enable tapping into the potential your data holds. Extracting information from visual data? We can facilitate object detection, tracking and labelling for automated visual inspection on production lines or document processing. Create added value for consumers by matching the right recommendations for the visual search that feeds into loyalty and personalised offers. We’ll help you extract the information from visual data and analyse user activity via video analysis.


Enterprise software development services

Enhance your competitiveness with modernised processes and systems. Overall efficiency improved? True, facilitate the information workflow, simplify IT infrastructure and automate processes or support system actions. Everyday made easy. With improved data storage and standardisation it is easier to find, share and analyse the right data.


Digital automation and project automation

Wise investing to win the experience that drives ROI. Be the connected and profitable enterprise. Customer centric business is achieved with strengthening the business model with technology. Operations are change ready, effective and create value. Adapting digital and reconfiguring present assets grants agility and innovation capabilities. Solve challenges with tailored technology. You can easier find potential revenue areas and gain resilience. Only with data assets optimised. Capitalise on untapped business intelligence which you already have by expanding its usability.



Whether you wish to optimise what you have, fix bugs or start a journey with data, we’ll help you maximise the outcomes. We excel your way. You can start small for fast effects or go large scale. We have a proven track record in audit, optimisation and digital enablement. This includes limiting digital debt. The large scale data solutions enhance everything from user experience through safety to better operations based on real predictions. The right solution will grant you a competitive edge that’s based on trends and patterns.


Outsourcing & extra hands

We bring you the extra help you need. No need for a fuss with entire project outsourcing and agency-style proposals. If you want selective help brought in, and not to outsource an entire project then body leasing and team extension are the options for you. Perhaps some expert advice? Whether it’s one project or some critical areas across many, we’re here to help. You decide when, where and in what form. It doesn’t matter if you know what you need and how to achieve it, or just know the business problem and have a vague sense of what you want but no idea how to get there. If you are ever so slightly overtasked across various projects or teams, then we can help with body leasing. If just one of your teams needs some more working power for a project, then a team extension it is.


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