We have extensive experience in building and delivering data platforms and datadriven systems

We help our clients get up to speed with taking advantage of their data. We consult on a wide spectrum of projects from data infrastructure through the ETL process, to conversion rate improvement using Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning.

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Our Services

Data Infrastructure

We offer data infrastructure installation and support so you don’t have to rely only on MySQL anymore! Our consultants will help you with choosing and installing the right tools for your business: Cloud Provider, Data storage systems, ETL tools, Data processing framework, Data Streaming framework. We have experience with tools like AWS, GCP, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, Flink and many more.

Software Development

We transform our passion and experience into top performing, reliable, data-driven solutions. We do requirements analysis, architecture and implementation of greenfield projects. We also take care of existing projects and make sure that we convert them into world class systems serving your business.

On-Site Consulting

Do you know what to do and just need the right set of people? We can help you by providing consultants who match your needs. Our engineers specialize in AWS, GCP, Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Cassandra. They are also experienced in backend systems.

Our Expertise


Our consultants have proven experience with applications processing a vast amount of data. This includes hands-on involvement in batch processing systems like Spark, NoSQL databases like Cassandra and Stream processing systems like Flink and Samza.

Conversion rate

We know how to turn data directly into money. Are you sure of how to validate the results of a change in your system? Do you know which payment method to promote in a specific country? Are you concerned about payment fraud or your customer churn rate?
We have addressed such types of dilemmas. We know how to help your business build data-driven applications where you get immediate feedback on changes you deploy to production.

Performance Tuning

Are you concerned about the bills you are paying for Cloud resources? Is your RDBMS-backed system slow? Is your Cassandra cluster not scaling as promised? Is your JVM application doing nothing but garbage collecting? We’ve been there, we know how to help you!