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The Summer Challenge




Introducing the TantusData Summer Challenge

This summer, we’re not just beating the heat, we’re challenging it. At TantusData, we believe in nurturing the approachable spirit of knowledge-sharing, and to celebrate this, we’re excited to present the TantusData Summer Challenge.

Our challenge is an ode to experts in the making and a refresher for the seasoned professionals. It’s a platform to test your skills and learn, as we will post the optimal solution with instructions later. As a cherry on top, there’s a reward – an ‘Office Survival Kit’, filled with a delightful mix of practical and amusing items. This includes a handy notebook, colourful post-its, essential pens, a sarcastic mug paired with a soothing tea, a stylish t-shirt, a tote, appetising cookies for that quick brain boost, and for moments of relaxation, a funny adult colouring book with crayons. To further enhance your office or workspace, we’re including a 50 EURO Amazon gift card as part of the kit. We have three of these exciting kits ready for our top participants. So buckle up and let your creative juices flow!

At the heart of this challenge lies a model on production topic. We teased this during recent ML conferences and now, it’s time for action. The challenge requires the innovative use of a Siamese Network solution to work with small data sets. Entries will be judged based on the quality and appropriateness of the submission. The finer details are provided below.

And that’s not all – all participants who solve the challenge correctly will be awarded certificates.

But wait! We’ve got a bonus round. A side challenge that promises more thrill and more creativity. Stay tuned to our emails and social media channels, specifically LinkedIn, for the announcement.

A little birdie told us that those who participate in this challenge will have a head start for our upcoming autumn challenge. So, we highly recommend you to keep your work saved.

The how’s and when’s

The challenge instructions: Your task, ‘Authorship Comparison’, is simple but thought-provoking: create a smart solution to determine if two texts share the same author. Rather than developing a massive model, we want to see how well you can optimise a limited dataset. The submissions will be assessed based on the scores and the approaches taken.

All submissions must be through the Kaggle submission system, and if you’re not a member yet, creating a login is easy and free. Check out the detailed instructions and resources on the competition page here.

Deadlines: The Authorship Detection challenge opens on the 21st of July 2023. We strongly recommend participants to commence no later than the 11th of September 2023, to provide sufficient time to develop and fine-tune your model.

Important Update: In response to the feedback from our enthusiastic participants, the submission deadline for the Summer Challenge has been extended. All entries will now be accepted until 16th of September, 2023, 23:59 CEST. This provides additional time for both new participants to join and for existing participants to refine their submissions. We wish everyone the best of luck! No submissions will be accepted after this time, so ensure your entry is submitted promptly.

For beginners and those looking for extra support, we’ve provided tips and resources linked within the challenge on Kaggle. These could be very helpful, so make sure to take a look. But remember, going through these resources might take some time in addition to the time needed for the challenge task itself.

Get started now, and best of luck to you all!

The Fine Print: Here’s the link to all the terms and conditions of the challenge. Yet, the basic rules of participation are also listed on the challenge tabs in Kaggle, which will go live tomorrow. So you can view them there.

Get ready to compete, learn, and win. And remember, the clock is ticking. Keep an eye out for our announcements!

Good luck, challengers!



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