Big Data ouTDo 3 min read 29 March 2023

All about search



Trie Data Structure and search engines, elements to consider.

Sit back and relax as our experts tell you all there is to know about any search project.

Whether you intend to set up a search engine or improve the one you have, there are a few matters, which are crucial to consider before you start.

Benefits of search engines

As you surely know many websites and e-commerce sites benefit greatly from having search engines operating well. But how do they do that? Why do others fail to deliver such ROI?

Are there other needs than simply letting consumers find the products they are looking for faster?

What to prepare before you start to save money and improve ROI faster.

And, does the project really needs to be that expensive and long-term, or is there an alternate option.

Sounds interesting? Make sure to check out our video prepared by our top search experts Maryna and Jakub.

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