Case study

Urgent manpower provision.

The great catch up with daily activities, new features and optimisation.


The company has gone through some personnel changes and the team was temporarily short staffed. The work of the team was indispensable in providing information. The client was not able to find talents on the market on time and the outstanding tasks were piling up, affecting the decision making of the company. 


Our consultant joined the team with a rapid integration. He took ownership of the unfinished features, which were left by former employees and delivered them. Other tasks and new features were also delivered.

Technology & Tools

Cloud Storage


One of the main telecommunication service providers in the Nordic and Baltic areas. It owns a leading IPTV distribution platform in Sweden with video-on-demand and over-the-top streaming service that can be accessed across the EU.


The team, which our consultant has joined, is responsible for providing insights and reports about the company’s platform customers’ digital usage. These are fuelling all decisions regarding the purchase of content from external providers and experience. It also provides managerial insights into market penetration and effectiveness. Timely data and solutions provided by this team are imperative for the company’s prosperity.


Our consultant was quickly onboarded and worked as a regular part of the team, helping deliver day to day activities and new features. These included: ongoing support for existing data pipelines, optimising existing data pipelines, onboarding new data sources into the common data layer, extending and creating new dashboards to provide business users with in-depth insights on the customer base. The development process involved identifying bugs in the core data and fixing issues for more reliable results. Other fixes were needed to solve the issues of undocumented codebases, multiple dependencies and tangled business logic. 


By taking ownership of dedicated tasks, our consultant was able to improve several solutions based on his expertise. All tasks were completed by the deadlines. Projects delivered, work completely catched up. Giving the company ample time to hire new members, who meet their criteria. 

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